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The Spanish Law imposes on administrators of capital companies the duty of diligence and good management in their position imposing a series of situations under which the Administrator will respond with his personal assets if he breaches said duties.

Whether you are the owner of a property, business or industrial premises or if you are a property manager, you must know the most important aspects to consider in order to claim the defects of construction in real estate, as well as the damages caused as a result of them.

In the information age, in which we fortunately live, it is convenient and necessary to distinguish concepts to understand in scope and meaning of the same. Most of the terms with which the media bombard us daily have a technical and specific meaning that most of the citizens do not know or in their case we know in a very superficial way. In order to clarify certain aspects of procedural scope, and in the face of the avalanche of criminal proceedings that are news daily, we will begin by clarifying the difference between the complaint and the complaint, terms that are generally confused.

Courts of justice are stuck, there are 3.5 million civil and commercial cases waiting. The average resolution time is five years. Every year, more than nine million cases are brought to the Court. Given these facts the truth is that in Spain is litigated in excess, and the Ministry is intended to dissuade the use of the courts through new tools that resolve conflicts without having to resort to a long and costly judicial procedure.

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